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Murano glass paperweight

Il Glass paperweight it is a unique object that contains in a bubble all the inspiration of the master craftsmen, allowing to seal in the glass everything that the imagination suggests. In our extensive catalog you will find a selection of elegant Murano Glass Paperweights made according to the most ancient processes, foglia gold, filigree e reticello. Unique objects, selected directly in the ancient Murano furnaces, which will give the right value to your desk or table. In our Murano Glass online shop we also propose antique glass paperweight e vintage paperweight, coming from the warehouses of the famous A.VE.M. , now closed for many years.

Murrina paperweight

Among the many proposals of Glass paperweight you can find the fabulous and original Murrina paperweight. The Venetian Murrine are the result of an ancient process in which a sections of vitreous cane previously made with specific designs, are put together to then be incorporated in molten crystal. THE Murrina glass paperweight unquestionably enrich every room of your home and are the ideal choice for an original and great class gift.