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Murano Glass Glasses

I Murano Glass Glasses they are famous all over the world for their originality. Colorati, finished freehand or with hot applied decorations How murrine, cannette, stains, gold leaves, rings and spirals. Every glass in blown glass it is unique and allows you to bring to the table all the inspiration of the master glassmakers, giving a touch of refined artistry as in a rich palette of colors. Our online sale of Murano Glass Glasses includes a wide selection of the famous "Goti de Fornasa“, Glasses (of furnace) made by the glassmakers for their need to drink during processing, one different from the other in order to recognize them and create them without paying too much attention to the shape. Today i Goti de Fornasa have become real examples of poor art, original Murano glasses to furnish every table with style.

Not only Goths but also Murano Glass Glasses colored, modern and collectible, to embellish tables and showcases with murrine and filigree. We always insert new works carefully selected personally in the Murano furnaces, offering a wide choice of wonderful works all in prompt delivery with express and insured shipping included in the price.

In our Murano Glass Gift Shop you will find the best selection of blown glass glasses and classics Goti de Fornasa. To make each table lively and colorful or for a really precious gift we suggest: