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Anyone who was interested in activating links to the Home Page and to the other web pages of, which are publicly available, please contact the Operator to the following email address: The contact is necessary to activate the request for consent to the hyperlink to . The activation of links is given by the Operator to the requester free for charge and not exclusively. The Operator has the right to oppose to the activation of direct links to his websites in the event that the requesting entity, who is going to activate the link to, before has taken unfair trade practices or inappropriate to the uses of the sector such as some unfair competitions towards the Operator or when he is afraid that these behaviors may occur after having happened in the past or it is feared that there will be in the future a sort of discrediting towards the Operator, the own website or the services. Anyway, it’s forbidden the activation of deep hyperlinks (for example deep frames or deep links) to that is to say the unauthorized use of meta-tags, without the operator’s agreement.