For over 11 years we have been carefully selecting the best Murano glass directly in the furnaces of master glassmakers.

In our Murano Glass Online Shop you will find all original works certified and always available for immediate shipment.

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Murano Glass

La Murano glass processing born in the furnaces of Venezia, but after repeated fires in the city it was decided to move the production to nearby island of Murano. The furnaces concentrated mainly along the Rio dei Vetrai, where even today we find the oldest laboratories from which we also supply ourselves.
On the island of Murano for centuries the glass masters write the History of glass, realizing the famous Murano Artistic Glass with a high and incomparable purity. Even today the Murano Glass it is obtained by following the ancient processing techniques, from blowing to enamel decoration, up to the very famous Murrina. In Murano the skill of the glass masters is handed down from generation to generation, with the same passion as in the past. More than artisans of real "artists", who make precious objects in blown glass that have always decorated the most elegant homes.

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Our greatest passion is the search for handicrafts made in Murano.

For this reason, for over 11 years, we go personally every week on the island of Murano, where select with extreme care directly in the furnaces of the master glassmakers the best Murano glass. In our Murano Glass Online Shop you will find them all certified original works is always available for shipping immediate, as all our warehouse is ready for delivery. Murano glass is synonymous with exclusivity, no blown object is identical. Any classic or modern object is capable of decorating with a touch of elegance and luxury, making the owner an admirer of the high quality of the Made in Italy. Traditional Venetian mirrors, Murano glass goblets collectibles, vases, bottles, are elegant furnishing accessories for the most exclusive homes. Elegant centerpieces, glass sculptures and bowls are invaluable works perfect for decorating bedrooms, living rooms or any other room in the house. The hand-decorated blown glass sets of goblets are instead precious details for the table. The glass lends itself very well to jewelry creations, for this in the Murano glassworks they produce wonderful items to wear like Murano glass necklaces, pendants and bracelets that give a touch of colorful elegance.

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