Murano Glass

The lprocessing of Murano glass, born in the furnaces of Venice, but after repeated fires in the city it is decided to move the production to the neighbor island of Murano.

Here for centuries i glass masters write in historic furnaces la History of glass; following the ancient processing techniques, make precious blown glass objects that have always decorated the most elegant homes.

Straditional Venetian sins, collector's glasses, vasi, bottles, I'm elegant furnishing accessories for the most exclusive homes.

Ecenterpiece binders, sculptures in glass and bowls priceless works are perfect for decorating bedrooms, living rooms or any other room in your home. THE set of goblets in blown glass decorated by handinstead, they lend themselves to become precious details for your table.

Every classic or modern object is able to decorate with a touch of elegance and luxury, making the owner an admirer of high quality Made in Italy.

in Murano glassworks we also produce items to wear like necklaces, bracelets ; the glass lends itself very well to the creations of jewelry.

Il Murano glass is synonymous with exclusivity, none blown object is identical.

In our store you will find all certified original works already available for shipment.

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